Essential Soul Care™

Psychospiritual learning and experiencing

Essential Soul Care brings together the fundamentals of living an expansive life.  These fundamentals include the 7 elements of soul expansion paired with the 7 primary chakras. 

We offer a book, an oracle deck and a course for personal growth and professional development. Take a look. See what we have to offer. Be prepared to live your best life. 


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The Book

Essential Soul Care~ Your Guide to Designing an Expansive Life 

We dive deep into the 7 elements of soul expansion

  • Transcendence
  • Intuition
  • Mindset
  • Community
  • Nourishment
  • Creativity
  • Sanctuary

Each element is paired with a chakra and explored to give the reader a broad scope that can be applied to one's daily life. Additional elements and tools are paired, including essential oils, crystal stones, affirmations and journal prompts. Practical and spiritual applications are offered.  

The Oracle

The Essential Soul Care Oracle Deck

This 49-card Oracle Deck is expansive. As with the book, this deck covers the 7 elements of well-being and pairs these domains with the 7 chakras. Corresponding tools such as  essential oils and crystals are offered with every card. 

The deck can be used for personal or professional use and offers two perspectives for the wellness or spiritual practitioner. The deck can be used as a divination tool or as a tool for psychoeducation, intention-setting and mindfulness. 

Complete with journal prompts that incorporate soul play and soul work (shadow work), this deck brings in both cerebral and somatic experiencing. 

The Course

Essential Soul Care Practitioner

The course combines Essential Soul Care principles with a psychospiritual approach to the helping professions. 

Appropriate for energy workers, spiritual healers, coaches, therapists and anyone seeking to guide clients toward a more expansive life, this is a 100-hour, online and self-paced course. 

The course includes:

  • Seven elements of soul expansion
  • Seven primary chakras
  • Corresponding tools such as essential oils, crystals,  affirmations and journal prompts as tools to assist your clients
  • Principles of Innerview Guidance, a psychospiritual model for the helping professions (developed by a Registered Psychotherapist and Medical Doctor) 
  • Kybernetes Reiki attunement and training to Master level, Usui tradition

Each student is individually tutored and is also part of a community of students and graduates. Bi-weekly live calls enhance intuitive training using the Essential Soul Care Oracle Deck. 

Continuing Education is available for most mental health professionals in the United States.