Essential Oil Oracle Reading


Have you ever used essential oils as the Oracle? Let me explain. I use Oracle cards. Generally  I do a daily card pull or a three-card spread for my clients. I have been using oracle cards for years. But I also use essential oils. Essential oils, oracle cards, tarot- these are all different variations of divination tools. And I use the essential oils intuitively. Sometimes I just choose an oil that I am drawn to and if I don't know the full meaning and purpose of the oil, I use my reference guide* specifically to discover the soulful and spiritual uses of the oil.

How to use essential oils for Oracle messages

Even better, I pull three oils to create a diffuser blend using 2 drops from each oil. I either grab three from my essential oil bowl or I purposefully choose three oils whether I know their emotional influence or not. I will give a demonstration.

Today I chose:

  • Cypress- this oil helps with grounding and can also aid with feelings of loss.
  • Copiaba- this oil is known for elevating mood.
  • Carrot Seed- this oil has historically been used as a nerve tonic.

Grounded, Calm, Happy

And my blend is ready to be diffused. Remember, just 2 drops each. Let the aroma fill the air and allow yourself the subtle influence of this blend.

I have given an example of an essential oil oracle reading so that you can learn new and intuitive ways to use the oils you have in your collection.

Why don't you give it a try? Just be sure to obtain a good essential oil app or guide that can offer interpretation when needed. 

*Reference Guide for Essential Oils by Connie and Alan Higley

Author: DeeAnna Nagel