In the Beginning


Let's talk a bit about how all of this got started. When did I know something big was going to shift for me? It was 2013. I was living in New Jersey. I had a psychotherapy private practice and I spent a lot of time traveling the states training colleagues on the topic of online therapy. I was very established in my career as a counselor, coach and educator.

But I was also coming out of the pixie closet, outing myself as an Intuitive. I had no idea where that would lead, but I was following my authentic voice within. I enrolled in Reiki training, chakra classes and various other courses, all the while, continuing to see psychotherapy clients and conduct clinical supervision with other therapists.

And then, a friend and colleague, Lora Sasiela, introduced me to essential oils.

Oh the places you will go.

Soon after, I was using essential oils "everyday in every way" and I could feel a shift. The oils were super at supporting my respiratory system and that could stand alone as my story. The oils did so much more. I heard phrases like, "Essential oils are the heavy lifters..., "offering physical, emotional and spiritual support. There were single oils and oil blends to learn; I was told if I didn't know what oil for which issue, "Just use whatever oil you have on hand..."

Next, Lora hosted what I can only describe as a Sniff Party. I sat with 6 other women at the table and we passed around bottles of oil. This was a special afternoon because Lora invited a special guest to share with us her long history with essential oils and specifically, Young Living Essential Oils. She had represented the company nearly since the beginning.

Trust your intuition.

As we passed the oils around, I had a profound experience with one blend, White Angelica. I did not know the name of the blend as we were talking and sharing and I didn't see the label. As soon as I smelled the aroma it was as if my grandmother was in the room. I felt her energy. Our special guest saw my reaction, explained that I might be experiencing a "scent memory" and went on to share her stories and experiences. She told me that day to trust my intuition. And she spoke of the oils as "little beings in a bottle." I never forgot that afternoon and I will never forget her influence. I only had the pleasure of meeting Gailann Greene one other time and she has since passed over. I do know she is a very big reason I am doing what I am doing today.

Essential Soul Care

I focused for the next couple of years on sharing the Young Living wellness lifestyle with others but I was also going through a huge personal transition that caused me to separate from my husband, move back to my home state, reconfigure my career and well, basically, start over. I remained endeared to teaching my therapy and coaching students and I expanded my course offerings to include complementary and alternative modalities including aromatherapy. I took a certification course in aromatherapy and soon, essential oils were integrated into every part of my personal and professional life. I owned a brick and mortar aromatherapy boutique for a couple of years and that was fun but my true love has been and remains, writing and teaching. I teach now from a place of neutrality. By that I mean, I have my favorite brand of oils, but my teachings are brand-neutral. The story is so much bigger than the brand. I am still happy to sponsor anyone interested in Young Living, but I am also just as happy to support anyone on their personal or professional journey. 

That is the beginning of the birth of Essential Soul Care- the book, the oracle deck and the course. I am not hosting many essential oil gatherings anymore and now my work is solely online. But I am still sharing the love about the beautiful benefits of aromatherapy. Essential Soul Care has essential oils at the heart of it all. If you are new to essential oils or already a huge fan, this series will not disappoint. I promise.

Article by DeeAnna Nagel