Inspired and Spirited About the Senses


I am currently reading Awakening the Creative Spirit: Bringing the Arts to Spiritual Direction by Christine Valters Paintner and Betsey Beckman. This required reading for a course I am currently enrolled is filled with gems.

I do not paint or sculpt. I sometimes sing, but mostly my creativity comes out in my writing. In chapter 10 Beckman offers several experiential exercises. One such exercise is entitled, "The Senses of God."

I modified the exercise a bit, personalized it and took to Haiku. We here at Essential Soul Care are big fans of Haiku. May you be inspired.

See Spirit

What does Source Look like?

Source looks like me, you and yours.

Source looks Heavenly.

Smell Spirit

What does Source smell like?

Aromatic and Divine.

Awe-inspiring rose.

Taste Spirit

What does Source taste like?

At the banks of a river

I taste the nectar.

Hear Spirit

What does Source sound like?

A harp that plays so sweetly

Harmonious joy.

Feel Spirit

What does Source feel like?

A soft support so very safe.

A supple pillow.

Intuit Spirit

Source and clair senses

All the feels come out to play.

My third ear, third eye.

Author: DeeAnna Nagel

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