This page offers additional resources including color charts referenced in the book. 

Essential Soul Care Chakra Chart 

Download PDF HERE

Essential Soul Care Aromatherapy Bundle

The essential oils described in this chart can be purchased as a bundle HERE.  Cost will be approximately $220.00 with a 24% discount offered checkout. 

  • Frankincense 5 ml
  • Basil 5 ml
  • Cistus 5 ml
  • Geranium 15 ml
  • Juniper 5 ml
  • Vetiver 5 ml
  • Cypress 15 ml

5 ml = approx 100 drops  15 ml = approx 300 drops

Mixed with a carrier oil such as almond , olive, coconut or jojoba, this bundle will last well into the future. 

If you choose to anoint your chakras neat without dilution, test your skin first. Otherwise you can add 15-30 drops to a 10 ml roller ball and fill with your carrier oil of choice creating a roller ball for each chakra or you can create a single roller ball using 3 drops of each oil and fill with your carrier oil.

Essential Soul Care Wellness Wheel