Essential Soul Care® Practitioner

The course combines Essential Soul Care® principles with a psychospiritual approach to the helping professions.

Appropriate for energy workers, spiritual healers, coaches, therapists and anyone seeking to guide clients toward a more expansive life.  

Level 1 and Level 2 both offer 30 hours of training, offering a self-paced online immersive experience that is rich and introspective. Individualized feedback from DeeAnna and Madison is offered throughout the course. 

The course includes:

  • Seven elements of soul expansion
  • Seven primary chakras
  • Intuition and the clair senses
  • Corresponding tools such as essential oils, crystals, affirmations and journal prompts to assist your clients
  • Psychospiritual priniciples in the helping professions
  • Exploration of metaphor, symbols and synchronicity
  • Ethical application of alternative approaches in the healing arts
  • Deep exploration of each of th 49 cards

Bi-weekly live calls enhance intuitive training using the Essential Soul Care Oracle Deck.

Continuing Education is available for most mental health professionals in the United States.  

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